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• 2/3/2019

Clone Hero.exe not showing up

every time i download clone hero, the actual app doesnt show up. It is just not there

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• 1/22/2019

GHL controller on mac


I'm looking for a cheap guitar controller to play Clone Hero on my mac.

I think i'm gonna buy guitar hero live for Xbox 360.

Does someone succeed to connect the GHL 360 guitar on his mac ?

Does I need to buy an extra dongle or the dongle delivered with guitar is ok ?

Thank you !

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• 1/17/2019

SG PS2 Issue Please help

I have a PS2 SG from ages ago and wanted to use it. I have clone hero for Mac, its running macOS Sierra. I have an adapter and Clone Hero recognizes everything but the red blue and orange frets. What do i do to fix this problem. Also it says the SG is a PS3 Controller, why is that?

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• 1/9/2019

How "legal" can be Clone Hero in Germany?

Hello guys,

Since summer I started to use guitar hero live, but since the GH TV service was shutdown, the number of songs is quite dissapointed. And looking in internet I found this Clone Hero that looks awesome. I am living in Germany, and here the laws are stricter regarding downloads, so my question is how legal can be the game in germany? Can I have any problem with the download of Clone hero and all the posible songs?

Thanks for your help!

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• 12/8/2018

some kind of lag

I have some issues while playing, like, in any part of the song the screen gets freezed (while the song continues) and after 2 or 3 seconds the chart gets faster until gets synchronized with the song. This problem is happening about 2 weeks ago

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• 11/9/2018

Transparent highway

i cant figure out how to make my highway transparent but have seen it on streams

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• 10/6/2018

Notes Not Working!! Help!!


I am playing with keyboard. I can surf around the menu. However, when i'm in a game. I CANT HIT ANY NOTES. Please help.

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• 10/1/2018

Cannot Open Game "Failed to load mono"

Hey guys! I am in need of some help. Tried downloading the new latest update through the website they have now. I extracted the files switched it to my clonehero folder I have. And it won't let me open the game. Keeps saying "failed to load mono" I tried everything I possibly could I uninstalled reinstalled and still nothing. If anyone out there could help me fix this issue so I can jam out that would be awesome ! Thanks !

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• 9/27/2018

Cannot Multi Strum

Hey guys, I need some help here. I've mapped out my guitar perfectly but I noticed something wrong. Whenever there will be a line of notes, I can't just hold down the fret button and strum. Instead, I have to keep tapping the fret button and strum. You can't just hold it down and strum. Do any of you know how to fix this problem?

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• 9/19/2018


What is up CH peeps? I have downloaded CH yesterday and have started adding songs to it and games. Only problem with this is i don't have the guitar that i need to play it properly. My question is what kind of guitar do i need to be able to play the game decently. I tried my Wii strat guitar and plugged the dongle into my computer and it did nothing when i assigned the buttons. Any help would be appreciated.
- Newbie.
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• 9/9/2018

i can't add any songs

I have added all Soulless' to my game but the full game setlists don't show up, even after pressing scan songs. Can anyone help pls?
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• 9/4/2018

Clone Hero Songs not Working

Hi, I have downloaded all of the Guitar hero 1 (converted to fit clone hero) clone hero songs and they do not show up. The song that comes with the game shows up but does not work. Any ideas?
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• 8/28/2018

Guitar not working

So i just got a new ps3 guitar and it works to the pc. I have tried it on some other game and it does work but when i go to keybidnings on clone hero it does not react. I try to setup buy controls still dosen't work help pls.
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• 8/14/2018

No Audio For Any Songs

Hi There,

Hope I did not overlook a fix, but I cannot seem to get any audio for any song on Clone Hero to play. I downloaded multiple packs from the Clone Hero Excel Spread Sheet that seems to be everywhere, and not a single song plays audio.

I have check my audio devices, made sure drivers were up to date, plugged in through USB audio interface, directly into the motherboard, still with no success.

I have also run the MidiFix for my songs folder.

Any suggestions?
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• 8/10/2018


Hello there, anyone know where I can get an adapter for my RB4 Fender Stratocaster guitar? I'm using Windows 10.
Also, I have an adapter that works fine with basic controllers but doesn't seem to work with my guitar. Any help much appreciated.

(This is the one I have but without the XB logo)
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• 7/5/2018

clone hero

heyy i need help here ..
why my CH freez after i choice the song ..
but the songs still play aarrrggghhh help !
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• 6/7/2018

Help with guitar connection

HI, can someone help me connect my wii guitar in clone hero, Im having a hard time.
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• 6/3/2018
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• 5/31/2018

Clone Hero on LUbuntu

I get this message please help

(Clone Hero.x86:4193): GLib-GIO-CRITICAL **: 15:58:29.238: g_dbus_proxy_new: assertion 'G_IS_DBUS_CONNECTION (connection)' failed
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• 5/24/2018


When will drums be added I've been waiting so long
who wants drums?
  • yes
  • no
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