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The Clone Hero Wiki offers information regarding the game, controllers and peripherals, community involvement, and updates. Along with this Wiki, the Discord server, our website, and our Twitter also contain useful information and updates.

What is Clone Hero?

Clone Hero is exactly as its name implies. It is a Guitar Hero Clone, much like its predecessors, Frets on Fire, Phase Shift, and even modded Guitar Hero 3 on PC as well. Clone Hero is currently in development in the Unity engine, being lead by Srylain The 2nd. We are a quickly growing community, and we worry that our Discord server won't hold our capacity soon so we bring you this Wikia!

Current Stable Release

Here is the link to the latest stable download of the game, v.21.7, as well as a video showing off the update.


឴ ឴឴

Its main features are:

  • Mac Version
  • Support for Disjointed Chords
  • Added another Star for a total of 7
  • MIDIFix is no longer needed
  • Lyrics now display ingame
  • Added a sound effect when you fail a song

The Current Version page is where you can view all of the MAIN NUMBERED updates features and changes, this page won't be edited for every minor hotfix.

Notable Non-Guitar Hero people who have played Clone Hero







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