General Information

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Clone Hero currently has Guitar (Solo, Co-op tracks, and Rhythm), GH: Live Guitar (6 note), Bass, and 5 lane Keys instruments available to play.

Drums are planned for the future but are not implemented yet. There will be 4 lane drums, however, which is the Rock Band standard. Guitar Hero drums (5 lanes) WILL be usable, the orange cymbal will just become another green note.

That all being said, for the moment microphone support is not being planned. It may come in the far future after all the core elements of the game come out, and a way is found to track vocals, but at this moment don't hope for it.

Here is a master list of all the controllers that should work for Clone Hero. Will be updated as more information, or work is done for compatibility.

Known Issues with Specific Controllers

  • Guitar Hero: Live guitars are all the same (except iOS, those don't work). They can connect to any dongle, but you MUST have the Xbox 360 dongle AND Windows 10 (or Linux) AND you have to force the Xbox 360 drivers to use it. Otherwise, you CANNOT strum and hold down frets at the same time. It doesn't work.
  • PS2 guitars most likely won't be able to use whammy or tilting for star power unless you have this adapter (and even then it might not work): .
  • PS3 guitars have latency issues and tilt issues (unless they are wired), but will work with the game.
  • PS4 guitars have terrible latency issues, and cannot use whammy or tilt.
  • For Wii Guitars, we recommend that you use this tool to connect your guitar and follow the directions on how to set it up. Please do not use GlovePIE for the myriad of issues it brings with it.
  • Xbox One guitars require a couple things in order for them to work. First, download and install this. Then download and install this. Finally, download the latest version of this. This software is still in its early stages and it may not work as expected.

Guitar Hero Controllers



Rock Band Controllers




3rd Party/Other Controllers (Avoid)