Changes since v.21.6:

• Updated to Unity 2018.3.0f2
• Add more charter icons and sources.
឴ ឴឴

឴ ឴឴

• Add ability to swap audio backend on Windows.
• Updated rewired to version from
• Allow first HOPO in Practice sections to not have to be strummed, also allow anchor Taps in beginning of Practice section.
• Fixed issue causing issues anchoring taps at the start of practice sections or the start of a song.
• Fixed sustain scoring issue where base score and total score rounded to ticks differently. Should result in slightly more points from sustains.
• Fixed issue where the game was unable to swap audio devices at runtime.
• Fixed a bunch of untranslatable strings.
• Practice Sections on songs with ridiculous delay numbers will now restart correctly.
• Change default poll rate to 4x display refresh.
• Lyric phrases should now start in time with what's being heard.
• Default frame rate is now 2 times the display refresh rate.
• Lyrics have a bigger outline so that they are easier to read on clear backgrounds.
• Fix bug with 6-fret note shuffle causing notes to render outside of the highway.
• Fixed issue where sustain textures were rendered shorter than previously.
• Change lyrics outline to an underlay which should result in clearer text for small detailed characters.
• Potential fix for missing guitar track on midi files after migrating to v.21 (So far hasn't helped with one case but it can't hurt)
• Fixed issue with empty solos causing songs to not load.
• Code cleanups and refactoring.
• Linux executable is now all lowercase "clonehero", and the linux build is now distribute in a tarball.
• Updated translations.
• Fixed "1 Songs" display issue in the setlist. A more complete fix for more languages will come later.
• Fixed locale formatting issue on results screen.
• Fixed incorrect positioning of the visible hit window box option.
    - Enable discord rich presence on mac builds.