Core Clone Hero Programmers


Clone Hero creator. Our God.


Knowledge with programming, and music theory. Also is in the works of creating his own rhythm game from scratch, as well as a new chart type that is different from a .chart and a .mid file that will (hopefully) be better.

Core Clone Hero Artists


One of the two 2D art asset developers on the team.


First artist to join the CH's dev team. Has been working for CH since version 0.04. Mainly works with 2D assets and any other kind of 2D art.


The 3D asset creator on the team, has taken a hiatus from the game.

New Additions to the Team


Our first new addition (alphabetically at least) to the team, an ex Minecraft mod creator and someone with extensive programming knowledge. Also is greatly diverse in his abilities as a programmer, so we welcome him with open arms.


The new UI designer for Clone Hero, and the creator of an unreleased Rock Band-esque game called Rockporra. They are someone we are proud to bring on board and have working with us.


Our head bot developer for the Discord server who also had created a Twitch request bot for CH streamers. He is also someone who will soon be working on the main game itself. Panther and the team will hopefully be working well on implementing integration possibilities between Clone Hero and many other programs like possibly Discord and Twitch.


The community manager of the project. If you have any questions in regards to streaming as a Twitch Partner, getting your music possibly in Clone Hero officially, or anything community related, talk to him.


The developer of the color mod, but also recently brought onto the team to try and work on incorporating his work into the main game. He is one of our new programmers, and a welcomed addition to the team.

Moonscraper Developer


Has provided code for Moonscraper (a charting program) to Srylain so that the game can scan charts into the game and check them through internal Moonscraper.