Game Features

  • Practice mode - to practice on certain sections to FC a song.
  • Streamer Settings - for making the game more streamable.
  • Searchable songs - so you aren't scrolling endlessly.
  • Sorting categories - so you can find by artist, album, year, etc.
  • Easy importing of songs - so you don't have to exit the game, add the songs to setlists, and restart.
  • Custom backgrounds and highways - So you don't have to keep looking at the boring old animations (includes video backgrounds too).
  • Smoother engine - Something that didn't come out 10 years ago, so it runs better on systems.
  • Easter Eggs - Because what game doesn't have those?
  • And many more!


Check that page for details on all the settings in the game if anything is confusing to you.


Lists all the modifiers you can add to your songs.