Main Menu Game Modifiers

Note Animation FPS

  • Changes how fast the notes animate.

Star Animation FPS

  • Changes how fast the star power notes animate.

Gem Size

  • Changes the size of the "gems". (Another name for notes.)

Highway Shake

  • Enables/disables the highway shaking when notes are missed.

Song Preview

  • Enables/disables song previews on the song selection screen.

Menu Music

  • Enables/disables menu music.

Default Sort Filter

  • Changes the initial sorting method.
    • Default is sorting by Song name.

Pause on Focus Lost

  • Enables/disables pausing the game when you click off the game window.

Controller Poll Rate

  • Changes how often the controllers are polled for input.
  • This will increase CPU usage the higher it's set.
  • If this is set higher than the framerate that you have set the game at, there won't be much of a difference.
    • Only accessible and usable if using an Xbox 360 or PS3 guitar.

No Fail

  • Enables/disables the ability to fail.

Mute Track on Miss

  • Enables/disables the audio track muting when a note is missed.

Show Bot Score

  • When there's only bot players, enables/disables the score HUD.

Show Lyrics

  • Enables/disables lyrics in-game.

After Song Select Modifiers


Lets you pick the instrument you want to play as.


Lets you change the difficulty.

Note Modifiers


  • The song plays as it is

All Strums

  • You have to strum every note

All HOPO's

  • Makes every note a hammer on, or a pull off (HOPO)
    • You only need to strum the first note, provided you don't miss any in the song.

All Taps

  • Makes every note a tap note.
    • You never have to strum.

All Opens

  • Makes every note an open note.
    • You never have to hit any frets.

Mirror Mode

  • Swaps the notes so that green plays orange, red plays blue, and yellow stays the same.
    • Basically Lefty Flip but the notes don't change color.