Start Menu Settings


  • Lets you Switch between 5-note normal and 6-note GH:L charts.

Note Speed

  • Basically hyperspeed.
  • "Normal" speed is 7, so every number going up is the next level of hyperspeed.
    • (Note speed 10 is hyperspeed 3, and ect.)

Lefty Flip

  • Flips the highway, so the order goes OBYRG. Useful for left handed players.


  • Enables/disables tilting for star power.

Gamepad Mode

  • Useful for Keyboards
  • Makes it so when you hit a note, the game strums at the same time.


  • Lets you pick which highway (where the notes come from) you want to use.


  • The game plays for you.
  • Usually used to create chart previews if you can't FC your own song.
  • The bot can miss notes if your FPS isn't high enough.

Display Name

  • Lets you pick if you want your name to be displayed at the bottom of the highway under the notes.

Main Menu Settings


Audio Offset

  • Changes when the audio in the song starts.
  • If the audio is too late, increase.
  • If the audio is too early, decrease.

Video Offset

  • Moves the invisible hit window of the notes.
  • Increase if you have to hit notes early.
  • Decrease if you have to hit notes late.

Get Hardware Latency

  • Sets Audio Offset to reflect your PC's hardware.
  • This will not be 100% accurate, but will provide a nice point of reference.
  • You should never put Audio Offset below this value.

Show Hit Window

  • Displays a visual representation of the timing window.


  • Changes the volume of the audio tracks.
  • If your songs have "stems" which most official GH + RB songs have, you can change how loud each instrument is.

Video Settings


  • Locks framerate to your monitor's refresh rate.
  • In general, adds input lag. You should probably turn this off.


  • Changes the max framerate the game can run at.
  • A good range is from 250-500.
  • FPS = Amount of notes that can be hit per second as well.


  • Particle effects on held sustains and hit notes.
  • May impact performance.


  • Flame effects when hitting notes.

Highway SP Effects

  • Star power effects on the highway.

SP Lightning

  • The lightning that appears when earning star power.

Song Display

  • When enabled, the song and artist will be displayed in the top left when starting a song.

Menu Backgrounds

  • Changes menu backgrounds between a static image, an animated background, or just a black background.

Show FPS

  • When enabled, your frames per second will be shown in the top left.

Game Modifiers

Check the Modifiers page.

Custom Content

Background Image

  • Sets the background image during gameplay.
    • Videos will override images.

Background Video

  • Sets the background video during gameplay.
    • If a song folder has a video in it, that will be used instead.

Song Videos

  • If enabled, videos inside each song folder will be played.
    • These videos will override Background videos and images.

Rescan Custom Content

  • Rescans just the Custom folder for changes.

Streamer Settings

Streamer Mode

  • If enabled, the settings in this menu will be used.

Export Current Song

  • If enabled, the current song's name and artist will be exported to an external text file.
  • This file can be imported into OBS or any streaming application to have it show up on your stream.
    • You can also change the x setting to make it display the charters name.

Highway Placement

  • Changes the placement of the single player highway.
    • The lower the number, the further left it is placed.

Export Song List

  • Exports all songs to an external text file.
  • Depending on what sorting you last had your songs on (song, artist, charter, ect.) when you export they will be listed alphabetically by that method.
    • Also can be exported as a JSON file.

Show Full Playlist

If enabled, the full directory of a song will be used as its playlist.

Scan Songs

Rescans your song directories.

You can import songs with the game open, and re-scan to have access to those new songs.

Song Select Settings

Random Song

  • Randomly selects a song from your library.

Random Song (Section)

  • Randomly selects a song from the section you are on in your library.
    • I.e. If on the letter "A" will randomly select a song starting with the letter "A".

Song Speed

  • Changes the song speed in intervals of 5%.
    • Using left and right on the d-pad will change the interval by 100%.

Create Setlist

  • Lets you create a setlist of songs to play in a row without going back to the song select menu.

Song Options

Delete Song

  • Deletes a song from your files, will go through confirmation menus.

In-Game Settings


Sends you to practice mode so you can practice sections of songs.


Volume and Calibration

  • Does the same as they do on the main menu.

Song Settings

Song Offset

  • Lets you change the offset of the song by 1ms at a time.
  • Useful for if your calibration is good, but the song isn't lined up right.
    • - offset the audio is earlier, + offset the audio is later.

Video Start Time

  • Basically the same as song offset, but works for the video.